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October 10, 2018 | Posted in: JHMG

If you have climbed with JHMG, one thing you will notice is that we are pretty particular about the equipment we use.  From what we put on our bodies to protect us from the elements, to the tents we sleep in, to the personal protection equipment we use, it is all very important to us.  It is also important for our clients, which it is why we recommend making the investment and getting gear that works.

We put all of our equipment through it’s paces.  For example, our tents at Corbet High camp go up on or around June 15th, and do not come down until September 15.  That is close to 120 days of consistent use in the wind, rain, sun and snow.  The same holds true with our guide uniforms.  From the day our uniforms are issued, to time they are retired or swapped out, they will literally see hundreds of days of heavy use in a very harsh alpine environment.  

One of the reasons our guides can trust the quality and design of our equipment is that we have the unique opportunity to help our partners test it.  Here is a recent post from our partner Mountain Hardwear that highlights the lengths that this incredible company goes to to make sure that the products they are putting out are thoroughly vetted before they are available on the shelves.  We are proud to be partnered with these folks.  They get it.

To read about the testing that goes into this gear, Click Here.


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