Why should I book early?

March 30, 2016 | Posted in: JHMG

I am probably the biggest procrastinator I know.  My excuse is almost always that I work better under pressure.  However, if you are looking to go climbing in the Tetons, I would bite the bullet and get this organized NOW.  Here are 4 reasons why booking early is best:

Reason #1: High Camps have limited capacity.

For instance, The Grand Teton’s Corbet High Camp is one of the most comfortable and beautiful places above 11,000 feet.  If you have not been up to there, you really should put this on your bucket list.  However, per the National Park, we are only allowed 16 people at any one time at high camp and this includes guides!  So whether you want to visit Corbet High Camp to climb the Grand Teton, or enjoy the fantastic alpine rock climbing it offers, you need to call early and reserve your spot early.  The summer season is really only 10 weeks long and as of March 15th, we have half of these weeks fully booked out.


Reason #2: Backcountry Permits are limited.

The Grand Teton is considered the crown jewel of the Tetons,  but truth is that some of the most classic and spectacular climbs in the lower 48 are in the Tetons and are peaks other than the Grand.  Peaks like Mount Moran, Buck Mountain, or the coveted Cathedral Traverse are amazing climbing objectives, but they will require a backcountry permit to be issued by the Park Service.  When it comes to backcountry permits, park concessioners DO NOT get any special treatment.  We register online, just like the public, or wait in line at the Jenny Lake Ranger Station.  It has happened before, that people have planned a last minute trip to climb one of these peaks with us and backcountry permits were not available and the trip had to be altered.  The best way to avoid this uncomfortable situation is to book a climb well in advance, even as early as January when registration opens for backcountry permits.

Reason #3: More time to ready yourself.

Committing early gives you time to get in shape:  Climbing requires some physical fitness.  (See our Blog Post Type 2 fun). Committing early gives you plenty of time to execute your fitness plan. Additionally, it gives you the chance to get your equipment in line, and find the best deals on gear.

Reason #4: Prolong the effects.

Having a trip planned far in advance allows you to bask in the anticipation and excitement for just that much longer. Experiencing the prolonged effects as you tell friends and family and dream of the adventure will make the lead up to your departure just that much sweeter.

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Jason Dittmer, General Manager, JHMG

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