A Mother and Daughter Adventure Team

May 9, 2015 | Posted in: JHMG

Like many of us, AmirIMG_0848a Burns moved to Jackson to “have a closer relationship with the outdoors.” Since then, she has spent her time hiking, skiing and taking advantage of all the Tetons have to offer.  Amira’s mom Edith, has been right on her heels.

Edith, who is a Geriatrician in Milwaukee, Wisconsin introduced Amira and her brother to Jackson over 20 years ago on family skiing trips.  “She loves being outside and she instilled in me a sense of adventure. She taught me to be willing and eager to try new things. To push myself mentally and physically.”

This winter Amira and Edith took the Avi Level one course so that they could go backcountry skiing together.  Shortly after, they were standing on top of 25′ Short in Grand Teton National Park, and enjoying the fresh tracks that go along with the hard work to the top.   “These girls are true partners,” says guide John Douglass. “It was awesome to see the mother-daughter bond alive and well!”

Next on the list for Amira and Edith is a 3-day climb of the Grand Teton with our guide, Aimee Barnes.  “We want to learn to be more self-sufficient in the Backcountry, and the 3-day allows us to take the pressure off and enjoy our time up there.”

When asked why her mom is her favorite outdoor partner, Amira says “She is super-eager. When she finds something new that she likes, she just dives in.  It’s inspiring.”

We agree Amira.  We are inspired as well.

See you this summer!!!!

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