JHMG Launches New Website!

April 7, 2015 | Posted in: JHMG

How do we look?

JHMG.com received a bit of an overhaul this week.

It came to our attention that our web presence was a bit archaic and wasn’t the easiest for our customers and clients to navigate. So, with the help of our talented staff and outside help, we jumped head first into the project.

Choosing a web designer amongst very talented local and regional developers wasn’t easy. Ultimately, TMBR was the most enthusiastic about our project and had just what we needed in mind.

“TMBR’s expertise in the outdoor and action sports marketplace made us a great fit for this project. As an agency based in Jackson, WY, our team of outdoor enthusiasts spend a lot of their free time backcountry skiing, climbing, and mountaineering. As we live and breathe the services JHMG offers we were really able to elevate their digital presence to match the expectations of their potential customers. Stunning imagery helps bring to life your adventure with JHMG, while the guide profiles give you a personal connection to the trip. It’s projects and clients like this that allow us to bring our passion for the outdoors to work and make our jobs more fun than most!” – TMBR partner and developer, Brian Modena.

Sarah Ramsdell Beal, a local Brand and Web Presence Consultant, managed our website re-design, originally approaching us as a customer in one of our programs. “JHMG provides such a quality service to both students and clients – it was a shame that their presence online didn’t reflect their brand’s strength. I’m thrilled that potential customers near and far will interact with a better representation of JHMG and can’t wait for what’s to come in the future for JHMG.”


What we are most excited about?

Keeping YOU a part of the JHMG community

We know that trips, classes, and experiences in the mountains make for the best memories – that’s why we’ve made a life of it. We want to give our clients and customers the chance to tell their story, share their photos, provide us feedback, and stay in touch! Easily submit your experience to us, and you might be featured on our blog, have your photos credited on our site, and testimonials used on our site. Submit your experience and photos here.

Showing off our Guides

Sure, no one likes a “show off” – but our guides are kick-ass and we wouldn’t be us without our guides. Not only do they have great personalities, but they take beautiful photography, are stoked about their jobs, and grab life by the horns. We’re giving you the chance to get to know them before your trip and/or keep in touch with them after your trip. You can also request certain guides for your trip (if scheduling permits). Check them out here.


But wait – there’s more!

Online bookings

While not every trip will be able to be booked online, we’ll be enabling online bookings for classes and a handful of trips/adventures soon. But as always, we will be just a phone call or email away. We love hearing from you – but understand that sometimes you’d rather just click… BOOK NOW.

Look the part with JHMG apparel

In a few weeks, we will be launching our JHMG online store. You’ll have the chance to purchase apparel directly from our online store before or after your trip. Stay tuned!

Overall, we’re super excited for this change up. We’ll be continuing to refine and add content and would love to get your feedback on the new site. Feel free to send comments (positive and negative) or suggestions to us at info@jhmg.com.

Thanks for your input!

Belay on,

Jason Dittmer

JHMG General Manager

Oh, and here’s a blast from the not so distant past:

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.30.20 AM

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