Mountains for Mother’s Day?

May 9, 2015 | Posted in: JHMG

Amira and EdithAs mother’s day approaches, I started reflecting about my own love of climbing and the outdoors and began to realize that it was really my mom that first planted the seed of adventure in my soul.

Let me give you a snap shot into what a typical conversation at my house sounded like when I was a kid.  Me: “I’m Bored.” My Mom:” Go outside and play in the street.” Now I know my mom did in fact not want me to play in the street, but underneath her loving sarcasm was a request to go outside and explore.  She could deal with the scrapes, bruises and broken bones suffered in adolescent exploration.  She could not deal with apathy.

My mom was the best, but I know she was not unique.  Mom’s are always pushing their kids out the door. Perhaps it’s their need for a little peace and quiet.  I think more likely, they are trying to instill in their kids a reflex to get outside.

That is what we do here at Jackson Hole Mountain Guides.  We get people outside.  Whether it be a desert cliff or the top of some alpine peak, we take people outside to explore their inner adventurer.

So on May 10th, when we honor our mother’s – maybe forgo the flowers and chocolates and think about getting outside.  Better yet, take your mom outside!  And if you want to show her something a little more off the beaten path, give JHMG a call and we will give you and your mom 20% off any adventure we offer. Please call or email us to take advantage of this offer by Sunday, May 17. We look forward to helping you set up the experience of a lifetime with your mom! 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Jason Dittmer

General Manager, JHMG

(Photo of Amira and Edith Burns – a mother and daughter adventure duo – check out their story on our blog, here.)

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