The Women’s Network was created by Aimee Barnes, a prolific rock climber, guide, and leader at The Mountain Guides who was an early advocate for gender inclusivity in rock climbing and backcountry skiing.

The Women’s Network aims to fuel the spirit by providing adventure-minded women, non-binary people, and gender-expansive folks the opportunity to expand their mountain skills, develop confidence, push personal limits, and build connections in a professional and intentional environment. Currently, we offer rock climbing, alpine climbing, and backcountry skiing clinics by AMGA-certified women guides. More information is available on these programs, so do not hesitate to reach out.


Historically, the Women’s Network has been predominantly staffed and attended by cisgender women. We are striving towards greater inclusion in our programming and hope that people of all marginalized genders can feel welcome with us. Currently, we do not have nonbinary, trans, or gender-expansive guide representation at our company, and we understand this limits our ability to create inclusive spaces for all guests. We are focusing on cultural shifts to make TMG a place that can attract and retain diversity in staff, as well as address other barriers that have made guide work less accessible to folks of marginalized genders. Please contact us if you have questions about what we are doing to address gender inclusion, or would like to know more about the guides for one of these programs before you decide if it’s right for you.

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