Women’s Crack Climbing Weekend in Moab

Location Moab

Season Spring

Difficulty Beginner to Intermediate

Duration 2 Day


THE WOMEN’S NETWORK Climbing Series heads to Moab.

Spend two days on the warm sandstone of the desert as you hit the local classic crack climbs in the Moab area. You will learn the nuances and skills it takes to climb splitter cracks, by some of the best female guides in the industry.  During these two days, you will be taken on a tour of the routes that inspired the first ascensionist that put Moab climbing on the Map.

Season Spring

Elevation 4026

Minimum Age 18+

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If you love face climbing and hate climbing cracks.  You are not alone.  Crack climbing can be a difficult thing to enjoy if you don’t have the right technique.

Day 1 – We will brush up on all of our climbing terminologies, commands, knots, hitches, and belay skills to make sure we are all on the same page.  Then we will dig into the nuances of crack climbing movement.  Build ourselves some tape gloves and practice these skills for the rest of the afternoon, perfecting them in preparation for Day 2.

Day 2 – This day is all about climbing and cementing your new movement skills by creating some muscle memory, all the while encouraging each other and making new climbing partners.

You will leave this course with a few scrapes and bruises but fond memories and new friends.

Bring your character and your grit to undertake the stamina of splitter crack climbing. Expect to climb long splitter pitches of sandstone. You will walk away with a new perspective on how to climb cracks.  Participants must have solid lead belay and top rope belay skills.  This weekend is for women who have experience crack climbing and are looking to improve their movement and gear placement skills in the world-famous Indian Creek.

Day 1- We will baseline individual goals and get a fee for where folks are at.  We will then work on specific movement skills and look at improving technique.  The second part of the day will be spent looking at gear placement.  Which tool should we look to use for a given crack?  What are the components of good gear placement?

Day 2 – We will spend the day climbing and working on proper gear placements in a lead or mock-lead scenario, putting our new skills to the test in a low-consequence environment

This two-day program can start you off on the skills it takes for successful multi-pitch climbing or it can be designed to tick that classic Moab rim route or Dessert Tower off your hit lists. This weekend is best for a regular climbing team of ladies who is ready to make that progression on to the next step of multi-pitch climbing or Tower Pursuits. Your private guide will discuss your goals and help you pick the best Tower or multi-pitch for your skillset.

Day 1 – Train with your guide and practice and hone skills that you will need for the following days objective.

Day 2 – Climb the objective!!!!

Price – Basic: $380 per person, covers the cost for the 2 days of instruction with a guide ratio of 4:1

Price – Advanced: $420 per person, covers the cost for the 2 days of instruction with a guide ratio of 4:1

Price – Multi-Pitch Tower : $475 per person, covers the cost for the 2 days of instruction with a guide ratio of 2:1

Please note: The Mountain Guides does not provide lodging or transportation for this event

Basic –  Participants should expect approaches of 15-30 minute hike over easy to moderate hiking terrain.

Advanced – This trip is physical and requires fitness and stamina to access the climbs and climb them. The approach to most climbs is approximately an hour on uneven terrain.

Basic –

  • April 24 & 25 2021 – Guides: 
  • May 22 &23 – Guides TBD – 

 Moab Advanced – 

  • April 24 & 25 – Guides TBD
  • May 21 & 22, 2021 –  Guides:

Moab Tower Advanced

  • May 1 & 2 – Guides TBD


  • Approach Shoe – Guide Pick: Salewa  Firetail 3
  • Technical Rock Shoe: comfortable fit. -an aggressive fitting climbing, sport climbing shoe is not recommended.



  • 2 to 3 Liters of Water
  • For Approach Pack: hydration pack 2 liters
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm
  • Roll of 2 inch Cotton Athletic Tape

CLIMBING EQUIPMENT The Mountain Guides does provide technical climbing equipment (Helmet, Harness and personal protection equipment)  If you have your own, your are more than welcome to bring use it.

  • Harness
  • 3 Locking Carabineers
  • Belay/Rappel Device
  • Personal Attachment System

Have gear questions? We’re here to help! Contact us at the Moab Office at 435.260.0990 or [email protected]

This trip is based out of Moab. There are many hotels to choose from. Overnight camping is abundant. Private campsites can be reserved ahead of time while BLM and dispersed camping is first come first serve. 

Located in southeast Utah, Moab is approximately 236 miles from Salt Lake City, 355 miles from Denver, 115 miles from Grand Junction and 458 miles from Las Vegas. Most trips and classes leave from the RED ROCK BAKERY, 74 South Main Street across the street from the McStiff’s Plaza. Meeting times are determined by the season. Please contact 435-260-0990 for departure times. Many of our climbing sites are fairly close to town, while Indian Creek, Castle Valley and Fisher Towers take about an hour to get to. Once there however, there are miles of routes with close proximity to one another, making the walking time minimal when compared to the amount of climbing that can be achieved in a day.  Climbing around Moab is usually about a 10 to 20 minute drive  from downtown. The approaches are very close to the car and routes are located close together.



  • If you want to climb safely with confidence and learn about WHAT you are actually doing and climbing…Pick JHMG.  Hands down the best guys for the job!  YEARS of experience and professionalism are very obvious from the moment you step inside the shop.  Nice guys, well trained and fun to climb with!

    — Darren Davis
  • My experiences with JHMG have been uniformly outstanding.   Each guide that has worked with me over the years has taken a genuine interest in helping me advance my climbing.  The levels of professionalism, expertise, and interest in teaching among the guides I have worked with has been top-notch.

    — David Matthews

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