JHMG Gear Review- Salewa Wildfire Pro

May 6, 2015 | Posted in: JHMG


One thing every guide will tell you is if you can’t trust your feet then you cannot move effectively in a mountain or desert environment. Your approach shoe is key to successful footwork. Features you should look for in an approach shoe are, sticky rubber, durability and a good fit.

Introducing the Salewa Wildfire Pro  with”mega grip” rubber by Vibram. This spring I’ve been using the Wildfire Pro as my go to shoe in the Red Rock and Moab. The “mega grip” rubber is a high performer on all easy 5th class climbing and steep trails. The tongue is over lapping making the top of the shoe fit smoothly with no bulky tongue over the instep. Like other Salewa approach shoes we carry in our rental fleet, the Alpine fit is blister free. The multi fit foot bed enables you to customize the shoe fit with multiple foot beds. The fit is comfortable and base the structure durable. A combined microfiber-leather upper makes the shoe durable and light weight. ??

The Wildfire Pro is a good match for Teton season. It is durable, sticky and light weight. It runs like a running shoe, hikes like a hiking shoe and climbs like a climbing shoes. It is an approach shoe that will take you from the parking lot to the summit!

Strong work Salewa you nailed it!!!!!

Written By Senior Guide Aimee Barnes


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