We at JHMG enjoy our clients’ diversity and energy. Everyone on a climb has something to contribute, each bringing a unique blend of skills and backgrounds that enhance the experience of the entire group.

We look forward to welcoming back past clients for another adventure, and appreciate getting to know new faces each year.

This July, I was invited to join some friends form Park City, Utah to climb the Grand Teton. I faced three big challenges. First, I had no climbing experience. Second, I am not a huge camper. Third, I was very apprehensive about what it would be like and perhaps more importantly if I could do it. The trip I pursued was a three day trip, day 1 to base camp, day 2 training and day 3 ascend and descend. For my first challenge of having no climbing experience, JHMG prepared a day of training to build my basic climbing skills, repelling skills, and how to work as a team. Not having been through any of this before, they took the time to uncover that and customize the training for my level of experience (or none as it were). Throughout each part of the training, they used proven adult learning approaches, gave me multiple attempts to build confidence and provided important feedback when I needed it. Challenge number two (little camping appetite) was a place where JHMG really stood out. Unlike other guide companies I researched, JHMG made breakfast and dinner for us each day of the adventure. The food was good, the company was even better and the fact the trip had some high-end touches unrelated to climbing were welcome after a hard day of climbing, training or the day of the big summit. Those small touches were a big deal. Finally, challenge three and my apprehension of the technical elements of the climb. The training day was a difference maker but the real test was on the mountain the day we made the summit. The climb to the summit for me, was a mental challenge on two fronts. Although physically I felt OK, I tended to move too quickly. Several of the guides helped me set and maintain a pace that I could maintain that helped us get to the top. When I reached points in the climb and was unsure if I could do it or continue, I had multiple experts breaking down the task into small pieces and helping me achieve each one. At several points in the climb it was their technical support, ongoing training and encouragement that made all the difference. So, two weeks later, I think about Mark, Jacob and Jason, their tireless work to prepare me, create a high-end experience, and build my confidence that it was achievable. Given to my own challenges, I know I could not have achieved this without their help. I am so grateful for their attention to detail, attention to my experience and professionalism.

— Alec Ford

This climb was life-changing. It was a true mountaineering experience that offered everything: risk, reward, pain, suffering, conquering fears, and pushing personal limits. Nadav was the best guide I’ve ever had. He was honest, laid back and answered any question we could throw at him. His knowledge about the mountains and the Winds in particular was greatly appreciated. He was an excellent teacher and mentor in the backcountry, but he also showed real interest in getting to know each of us on a personal level. I feel like that is rare trait these days. Over the course of the 5 days, I felt less like a client and more like a friend. On summit day, Nadav was honest and upfront. I never felt like he was babysitting us, but rather truly guiding us. We discussed every section of the climb prior to making any major moves. He never stopped teaching the entire day. He knew just how far to push us while managing the risks and keeping us safe. I feel honored to call Nadav my friend.

— Lee Perlman

They say it is all about the journey and not the summit and I learned that first hand with JHMG!  I eagerly signed up for this trip with some of my best friends from college.  We were excited to do something different, challenging and in the great outdoors after a long emotional year of losses, illness and set backs. This experience helped put life in perspective.  There was nothing to think about but our trust in each other and the rock ahead of us.  Our bond just got tighter by sharing this experience together.  It was JHMG that made it all possible by making the trip preparation easy, the training manageable, the logistics organized, the experience fun and most importantly offering constant words of encouragement, safety and support along the way to instill confidence in all of us that it IS about the journey but in our quest for the summit!

— Nora Stowell

The guides I worked with at Red Rocks were phenomenal.  They were incredibly professional, skilled, and confidence inspiring.  I had three fantastic days of climbing sport and multi pitch routes.  I can’t wait to come back and do it again!

The experience was beautiful, challenging, and memorable. Our guide was polite and accommodating, pushing me when I seemed to need it, lending an extra hand when required.

— Jeannie Oestreicher

The climb was so much more difficult than I expected but Mike did an excellent job of keeping me moving safely so I could reach the summit.  Mike also provided surprisingly tasty meals on this climb.

— Y. Riviera

The ascent of the Grand is likely the greatest combined physical/mental accomplishment of my 56 years. It would have been well beyond my capabilities absent the exemplary training provided by and the expertise of our stellar group of guides. The four day trip with JHMG is a once in a life time experience because of the combination of training by the JHMG guides, their expertise/professionalism, and the amenities and acclimatization provided by the JHMG high camp. This trip requires mountaineering skills and conditioning so be sure to come to it fit and strong.

— Ted Richards

The 4 day Grand Teton experience was phenomenal.  As I was unfamiliar with rock climbing, I was taken well outside of my comfort zone which was a true growth experience.  I am sad the experience is over and I am already planning my next trip.  I’m hooked.

— Brad Smith

Sensational! What an amazing experience. This experience was top-notch. The guides are experts, sponsored by core brands, and totally friendly. You will get pushed to your limits but what is really nice is that they take the time to combine people with similar skill levels. They are here for you.

Sam’s the man. Always enjoy climbing with him!

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