A conversation with Senior Guide Joel Enrico

February 26, 2016 | Posted in: JHMG

IMG_3386When Joel came to JHMG in 2014, we quickly realized that we had a guide we wanted to hold on to.  Hard working, personable, and committed to providing a great experience for his clients, Joel embodies the JHMG spirit. In 2015, after just two years at JHMG, Joel was awarded Senior Guide status, a level generally granted after 5 years.  Needless to say, we feel honored to have him.

A Maine Native, Joel’s first outdoor climbing experience was in The Needles of South Dakota in 2007. “It was fun, but the light didn’t really go off until a week later when I got dragged up Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.” Says Joel

“What drew me to climbing in the beginning was to try something new, what locked me in was the simplicity of it all. I decided to make a career out of guiding when I realized how rewarding the job was for me. I have worked lots of different jobs but nothing has ever grabbed a hold of me like guiding. Being outside, building new relationships, finding challenge, overcoming uncertainty and seeing the huge smile on a guests face after a good day out. Guiding is the best way I have found to give back to something I am passionate about.”IMG_0274

When asked about the advice Joel would give to someone thinking about becoming a professional guide, Joel says “be patient.” “It doesn’t happen overnight. Take the time to develop your personal skills to that of a professional guiding standard. Gaining experience in the field with guests is another thing that takes a lot of time, but every time you go out you learn a bit more about the guest to guide dynamic. The best singular piece of advice I got before I started guiding was “observe other guides and instructors, and incorporate what you like.”

From June-September you can find Joel in the Winds or the Teton, After, that you will most likely catch a glimpse of him in the Desert, guiding people in the Red Rock or in Moab.

To learn more about Joel or to go climbing with him, CLICK HERE.

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