New Hampshire Alpine Objective

Location Northeast

Season Winter

Difficulty Moderate-Difficult

Duration Single Day


This day is for bigger objectives including but not limited to ice climbing at Lake Willoughby, VT, Cannon Cliff, or routes in Huntington Ravine.  These days tend to last longer than 8 hours and require previous climbing experience. 

Season Winter

Trip Planner

1:1 $450

2:1 $300 per person

Lake Willoughby, VT is the biggest ice climbing venue on the East Coast.  It compares to the long routes in venues like the Canadian Rockies, Cody, Wyoming and Ouray, Colorado.  This is the crown jewel of Northeast ice climbing.  All routes here are multiple pitches from WI 3 to WI5+.  This is a great place for intermediate climbers to experience bigger multi pitch ice or for advanced climbers to test their mettle.  Routes to choose from could be

  • The Tablets                        WI3+-4+ 2-3 pitches
  • Float like a Butterfly           WI4        3 pitches
  • Twenty Below Zero            WI 4+     2-3 pitches
  • Glass Menagerie                WI5       2 pitches 
  • The Last Gentleman           WI 5      4 pitches
  • The Promenade                  WI5+     3-4 pitches
  • Called on Account of Rains WI5+     5 pitches


Cannon Cliff

This is New Hampshire’s tallest cliff and holds a handful of the Northeast’s classic routes.  Known for its storied history, committing routes and fickle weather, this area is for advanced intermediate climbers and above.  

  • The Black Dike WI 4+/5- M3 3 pitches
  • Fafnir   WI 5 M4 3-4 pitches
  • Omega   WI 5+ 3 pitches


Huntington Ravine

This ravine, located on the northeastern flanks of Mt. Washington, holds the largest quantity of moderate alpine routes in the region.  Its lengthy approach, long routes, and extreme weather make climbing a route here a great test of endurance and ability to deal with the elements.  This area has a little bit of everything from long moderate ice climbs, steep snow routes, and scrappy mixed climbs.  All routes ascend approximately 1000’-1500’ from the floor of the ravine to the rim.  This venue is appropriate for intermediate to advanced climbers with a high level of fitness.  

  • Odell’s Gully WI 2-3
  • Pinnacle Gully WI 3
  • Central Gully WI 2, 50° snow
  • Diagonal Gully WI 2, 50° snow
  • Damnation WI 3
  • Damnation Buttress 5.5, M2

We meet our guests in different locations around the Northeast based on where we will be climbing and where they have chosen to stay.  Many people enjoy staying in or around North Conway, NH as it is close to most of the venues, has many lodging options, shopping, restaurants, and skiing close by.  The closest airport is Portland, ME (1hr, 25 min) and Logan Airport in Boston (2hr, 45 min) is often the cheapest and has more options for flights.  Public transportation is not well developed here and having a vehicle to drive is necessary.  There are several other options around the area and we would be happy to help out with suggestions for other itineraries.  Please email if you have questions or would like more information.

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