New Hampshire Full Day Climbing

Location Northeast

Season Winter

Difficulty Easy - Intermediate

Duration Day Climbs


Whether you’ve always wanted to try ice climbing, training for a bigger objective or just looking to get out and climb some of the area’s best routes, a full day of climbing in the Northeast can fulfill it all.  These days are intended to be 8 hours or less.  All trips at this time are private meaning it will be just you/your group and your guide climbing together to maximize the day to your goals.  Your guide will be in contact with you before the trip to finalize logistics.  Included below is a short list of itineraries we offer:

  • Introduction to ice climbing
  • Introduction to mountaineering skills (crampon use, ice ax use, self arrest, etc..)
  • Steep Ice movement
  • Mixed Climbing
  • Instructional Day
    • Anchor building
    • Learn to lead (previous climbing experience necessary)
    • Crevasse Rescue

Season Winter

Minimum Age 18

Trip Planner

Full Day Climbing

1:1 $400

2:1 $275 per person

3:1 $225 per person

4:1 $187.50 per person

Here are common areas and difficulties

  • Cathedral Ledge
    • North End WI 2-4  Many options
    • Thresher   WI 3  2 pitches
    • Goofers     WI 3+ 1-2 pitches
    • Repentance WI 5 M5 3 pitches
    • Remission    WI 5+ M5 4 pitches
  • Frankenstein Cliff
    • Standard Route WI3+ 3-4 pitches
    • Chia     WI 3-4+  1-2 pitches
    • Smear     WI 4        1-2 pitches
    • Pegasus     WI 4        1-2 pitches
    • Dracula     WI 4-5  1 pitch
    • Penguin     WI 4      3-4 pitches
  • Mt. Willard
    • Cinema Gully       WI 2-3 3-4 pitches
    • The Cleft WI 2-3  2-3 pitches
    • Upper Hitchcock    WI 3        2 pitches
    • Gully Number 1 WI 4    1-2 pitches
    • Great Madness WI 5    2 pitches
  • Mt. Webster
    • Shoestring Gully     WI 3  5.5 55° snow  1000’ 
    • Central Gully WI3 50° snow         1800’
    • Greens Chasm WI3 50° snow         1600’  
  • Mt. Willey

Willey’s Slide WI 2+           1000’

Email to check in on availability

We meet our guests in different locations around the Northeast based on where we will be climbing and where they have chosen to stay.  Many people enjoy staying in or around North Conway, NH as it is close to most of the venues, has many lodging options, shopping, restaurants, and skiing close by.  The closest airport is Portland, ME (1hr, 25 min) and Logan Airport in Boston (2hr, 45 min) is often the cheapest and has more options for flights.  Public transportation is not well developed here and having a vehicle to drive is necessary.  There are several other options around the area and we would be happy to help out with suggestions for other itineraries.  Please email if you have questions or would like more information.

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