Indian Creek Crack Climbing

April 1, 2024 | Posted in: JHMG

Crack climbing is a unique form of rock climbing that involves ascents along cracks in the rock face. Unlike face climbing, which relies on holds and features on the rock surface, crack climbing requires jamming hands, fingers, and feet into the crack to progress upward. It demands precise technique, endurance, and mental fortitude, making it both physically and mentally engaging. It is one of the more technique-intensive forms of rock climbing, making hiring a guide or learning from a mentor highly recommended. 

If you’re looking to crack climb, a visit to Indian Creek is a must. Famous for its striking red sandstone cliffs and unparalleled crack climbing opportunities, Indian Creek has captured the hearts of climbers from around the world. The remote and pristine wilderness of Indian Creek creates a sense of solitude and serenity, while the sheer concentration of high-quality crack climbs build the most stable climbing technique to have in your climbing arsenal. From delicate finger cracks to imposing off-widths, the variety of routes ensures that climbers are constantly tested both mentally and physically. Enjoy the unique beauty of the desert landscape, with sweeping vistas and crimson-hued cliffs serving as the breathtaking backdrop to every ascent, and master a challenging, yet highly rewarding form of rock climbing. 

Famous Climbs in Indian Creek

Indian Creek boasts an impressive array of classic climbs, each with its own distinct character and challenges. Among the most iconic routes is “Supercrack” a striking 5.10 hand crack that has become a rite of passage for climbers visiting the area. Other renowned climbs include “Incredible Hand Crack”, “Scarface” and “The Cave Route”, a small splitter hand crack in an unlikely setting. Lightning Bolt Cracks on the North Six Shooter is an iconic tower climb that will challenge and veteran crack climber, climbing at 5.11.

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How to get to Indian Creek

Located about 45 minutes south of Moab, “The Creek”, or the Indian Creek Special Recreational management area contains the northern portion of Bears Ears National Monument and offers both established and dispersed campgrounds. To get to the Creek from Moab, drive south on US 191 toward Monticello and take a right towards Canyonlands on SH 211. You will arrive in the creek after driving down a windy hill and passing Newspaper Rock. 

The closest airports to Indian Creek Moab (you can find a flight from Phoenix for as little as $28), Salt Lake City, Grand Junction, and Denver. A rental car is required.

Climb Indian Creek with The Mountain Guides

Indian Creek is more than just a climbing destination; it’s a sanctuary for those who seek adventure and embrace the raw beauty of the natural world. The only AMGA-accredited guiding service in Moab, a day of climbing with The Mountain Guides will get you on a route faster and with fewer hassles, allowing you to experience more climbing and less logistics. Not only is hiring a guide a fun and flawless way to experience the Creek, it eliminates one of the biggest challenges of climbing in Indian Creek; gear! Many routes require around 8 of the same piece of gear (which no climber would ever own), so hiring a guide means we will provide you with the climbing rack necessary to climb here. And because we’ll help you choose a climb suited to your level of experience and training, we can prevent you from getting in “over your head.” Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a novice looking to push your limits, join us for a full day of climbing in this crack climbing mecca; stay the day, or sleep under the stars.

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