Mountain Moms

May 9, 2020 | Posted in: JHMG



Mom was always there rooting for me… even if it meant she got thrown out of the stands for yelling obscenities.

–Jason Dittmer, GM



Here is a photo of my mom Althea at age 18 in 1943. A passionate skier her entire life, she raised 8 girls as skiers and claims that I came out with my boots on! Heavy kicker or tough delivery, either way I am so greatful my mom made sure my sisters and I all made it to the ski slope to enjoy nature and learn independence. Today Allie is 95 and is in full care assisted living. She is hanging in there and always wants to hear how the snow conditions are. I’m in awe of this intrepid woman.

–Aimee Barnes, Moab Branch Director





This is the mom in our family. She got us up to exercise this morning.

–Phil Powers, Owner





Thanks for always inspiring me to be more compassionate, understanding and patient through good times and bad. You climbed Mount Rainer in 2014, and at age 64, you didn’t struggle to reach the summit. Instead, you went all-in and followed me up a direct line. We passed the slower teams in front of us and were the first people on top that morning. That was bad ass!

–Zeb Blais, Guide




The world’s best mom, high on the Exum Ridge.

–Matt Shove, Guide








My adventure buddy and the woman who supports my dreams.

–Riley Jordan, Guide on his wife Lisa




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