March 16, 2017 | Posted in: JHMG

When Heidi Bailey and Stefan Stahl graduated from the University of Wisconsin, the two realized that all they wanted to do was be outside for a living. So they both moved to Boulder, Colorado where they are making their dreams a reality. Heidi and Stefan two are avid climbers however, aren’t experts on every rock face. They found that, even with a guide book, much of the day was spent finding the routes. Even once the route was located, they weren’t 100% sure if it was the right route, how hard it actually was, what gear they would need for it, etc. Similar situations were happening with backcountry skiing, mountain biking and hiking. Recreating outside, took planning and time, not to mention experience.  “Time is valuable and whether you are a young professional or raising a family, time is in short supply.  Our free time should be spend doing the things we love, not figuring out how to do the things we love.”  Says Heidi.
So Stefan and Heidi created Wander Outdoor; an easy to use mobile platform that connects  outdoor enthusiasts with qualified guides. Their mission is simple: To get people educated and excited to go outside conveniently in this modern world by facilitating an adventurer’s ability to find a certified, quality guide.  
For the past year Heidi and Stefan have been working hard to narrow down their target market,  identify crucial features the app should contain and develop marketing strategies. The web site is up and running, now Heidi and Stefan are focusing on building the App. “With the app we are hoping to make it easy for fellow millennials to want to be outdoors and explore what nature has to offer.” Says Stefan. “We are actively looking to raise the funds necessary to develop the app right now.” “We have partnered with a number of Guide Services and other outdoor oriented companies that support our mission to develop an offering where folks can donate to Wander and in turn get great deals on top-notch guided experiences along with handcrafted goods made locally in Boulder, Colorado.

To learn more about Wander or to help fund the creation of the Wander App, visit    or Check out the Wander Video


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