We will never forget our friend and founder Pete Sinclair

December 29, 2015 | Posted in: JHMG

WhePete Sinclair photon I accepted the General Manager position at Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, it became immediately apparent that the position was one of stewardship.  I had the opportunity to take the reigns of a company steeped in history and developed by the ambitious men and women who came before me. Pete Sinclair was one of those men.  While I never had the opportunity to meet Pete Sinclair.  I remember him vividly from his appearance in the  “The Grand Rescue.” a documentary film about the daring 1968 rescue on the North Face of the Grand Teton.

Yesterday, when I learned of Pete’s passing, I looked up from my computer in the office and just happened to glance at a poster that hangs in the office.  The poster is significant because it commemorates the 40th anniversary of JHMG.  As I gazed at the poster, there was Pete’s signature.

Pete’s family, his friends, his former students and his climbing exploits throughout the Tetons, will serve as his legacy.  His strong but delicate signature on this poster, will continue to serve as a reminder for me that part of my responsibility is to proudly serve those that came before me and helped to build this great company that is Jackson Hole Mountain Guides.

To learn more about this amazing individual. Click Here

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