TMG Workplace Impropriety Complaint Form

The physical and emotional well-being of our staff is of the utmost importance to all of us here at TMG. If you feel you have experienced harassment of any kind at the hands of a work colleague or client, please do not hesitate to fill out this form. Once submitted, this form will be held in the strictest privacy and confidentiality. It is distributed to 1 person on our workplace safety team, and depending on the complaint, will then be shared with select members of the administrative team.

Workplace Impropriety Complaint Form

Remembering the exact date can be difficult. Feel free to put a date range or if you can, recall the specific trip.
optional, but recommended so that we can follow up to make sure our response aligns with your needs
Please only provide details you feel comfortable sharing. Information that is helpful to include includes: an overview of what occurred, who was involved and your response.
There is no right answer, these are very difficult situations and there are many external forces at play that can influence how we react. Please answer the question as best you can and know there is no judgement.
This will only be sent to the address you type in. Please pick between your branch manager - Red Rock -Gary Newmeyer - Joel Tetons - - Colorado Woody Lowder - Montana Tim Shaw - Utah Jason Reese, Phil (president), Holly - Womens Program Manager, or licensed therapist/Guide Jess Worley, Accountant Sarah Celestine

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