Guest Guide Agreement

Dear Guide,

Thank you for your request to provide professional guiding services under the auspices of The Mountain Guides (TMG). Please read through this guest guide employment agreement. At the end, you will be asked to specify the area you wish to guide in as well as electronically sign your name if you agree to the terms.

This guest guide employment agreement is limited to the area(s), dates and activities described below. In order to make you and your client’s experience a positive and enjoyable one, we ask you to commit to achieving the highest degree of professionalism in all aspects of your guiding assignment. Accordingly, we ask you to read and agree by signing, to the following:

1. Employment classification. During the specific period(s) when you are guiding your client(s), you are classified as an employee – not a contractor – of TMG. As such, you are authorized to provide professional guiding services under TMG’s federal and/or state-issued guide/outfitter permit. Employees of TMG engaged in work-related
activities are covered by worker’s compensation insurance and TMG’s general liability insurance policy.

2. Notification to TMG branch director. Individuals who have completed documents for guest guiding must email the Branch Director notifying them that they have completed guest paperwork on the guest guide only page along with dates they intend to guide:

Gary Newmeyer
Utah/Red Rock Director
Joel Enrico
Tetons Director
Woody Lowder
Colorado Director

Rob Hess
Chief Guide


3. Employee Documents: All guest guide employment documents can be found at password: jhmg1968. You are responsible for ensuring that all necessary employment paperwork is completed and on file with the applicable branch office prior to scheduling your activity.

4. Administrative briefing. Guest guides are required to schedule a pre-activities administrative briefing with TMG Branch Director. The briefing will include a review of-Emergency protocols- Permit stipulations- TMG policies and procedures.

5. Client Bookings. To ensure your clients are in the TMG reservation system, guest guides are asked by branch directors to secure bookings and confirm client payment well in advance of departure dates for activities. Our electronic reservation system is not able to accept a reservation under 24 hours of departure date and we are unable to add you to permits last minute.

6. Group size. Guest guides may have 1 to 2 clients under their care at any given time. Requests for larger groups will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by Branch Directors.

7. Client Processing. With the exception of client payment to TMG discussed in paragraph 10, below, guest guides are responsible for all client interactions including logistics, safety briefings and completion of required paperwork.

8. Prices. The TMG published price is the minimum you may charge a client for guide services, but you are welcome to charge any amount mutually agreed upon with your client. For a list of current prices, consult TMG website. Questions about pricing should be directed to branch directors listed above.

9. Client Payment. You are responsible for confirming with the branch director that your client has made full payment directly to TMG before providing guide services. Payment is made to the TMG branch office where services are provided. TMG accepts credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Discover and AMEX), personal and traveler’s checks
and cash. Payments made by guides on behalf of clients will not be accepted. A $30 service charge will be applied to all returned checks.

10. Refund and Cancellation policy; charge backs. In the event of a cancellation, we will charge a $100 cancellation fee. Guest guides will be responsible for any charge back fees assessed by credit card companies in response to client complaints.

11. Assumption of Risk and Medical forms for Guest Guide Clients. You must ensure that prior to any activity, your client your client has completed and signed (electronically or hard copy) both the TMG’s Participant Agreement and Medical checklist. Also, any clients who may lead climb are required to complete and sign the TMG Lead-Climbing Addendum.

12. Wages. Please confirm your wages with the Branch Director at the beginning of your assignment. Upon successful completion of your guiding assignment, pinned and certified guides will receive 50% of the gross revenue received by TMG for services you have provided. Aspiring guides receive a base guide rate for services provided. Wages are for day trips only. This signed acknowledgement does not apply to overnight trips in the Wind River Range, Grand Teton National Park and the Beartooth’s, unless approved by Branch Director

13. Paychecks. Payroll is processed bimonthly. Pay periods are the 1st to the 15th and the 16th to the last day of the month.
Paychecks will be direct deposited into the account specified on your direct deposit form about 10 days after each pay period. If there is a problem with your pay, please contact the Branch Director.

14. No Other Compensation. Other than wage, the guest guide receives no other compensation or remuneration from TMG; e.g., no mileage or lodging reimbursement, no booking fee, etc. Expenses incurred by the guest guide are strictly a matter between the guest guide and his/her client.

15. Transportation. TMG’s insurance policies do not provide coverage for employees who transport clients in their personal vehicles. Guides who transport clients do so at their own risk.

16. Entrance and use fees. You and your client are responsible for the cost of entrance fees collected by state and federal agencies.

17. CPR and First Aid card. First aid training must be current. Evidence of this training must be on file with the office.

18. AMGA requirements. This program is designed for Pinned and certified guides to perform their craft within the terrain guidelines of the disciplines defined by the AMGA. Aspiring guides are allowed to work within the scope of practice who have a commitment to the AMGA track, and a knowledge of the area they plan to provide service in. As a professional, you will agree to be held to the code of ethics, professional compliance guidelines and continual professional development guidelines as defined by the AMGA.

19. Equipment. You are responsible for providing all necessary climbing equipment. Including helmets, ropes, rack, shoes and harnesses for yourself and your client. Guest guides and their clients must wear UIAA approved helmets along with other appropriate safety gear on technical terrain, where risk or rock fall is present, and where ropes/gear are employed. Branch offices may have some items available for rent. Consult with branch directors.

20. Marketing. All promotional material generated by the guest guide that markets activities in one or more approved use areas must include prominent mention of JHMG as the permit holder. An example of acceptable language is provided for your convenience “[Your name] offers professional guiding services in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area as an employee of Jackson Hole Mountain Guides under a permit issued by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.”
This guest guide authorization is limited to [describe activity and date(s)}

21. Social Media. When using social media while working under a TMG permit it is asked that you tag us.

  • Facebook: Jackson Hole Mountain Guides
  • Instagram: @jhmtnguides   #myjhmgstory
  •  Twitter: @JHMtnguides
  • JHMG Venues use: #moab #redrock #cityofrocks #boulder #cody

22. Permit terms and additional requirements. By signing below, you agree to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, permit terms and conditions along with JHMG’s internal policies and procedures including operational guidelines and emergency response protocols. Questions about permit terms or company policies/procedures should be resolved before the start of activities.

After signing, you will be re-directed back to the general Guest Guide page.

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