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Frequently Asked Questions

Does JHMG provide transportation and will you pick us up and drop us off back down on the Strip?

JHMG does not provide transportation. However, for a party of one or two, it is possible to take a cab out to our office (or other west side rendezvous venue) and guide can drive from office out to Red Rock and back to office. Depending on location of your hotel, cab fare could run $30-$50 each way. If you have more than one day to escape the Strip, we highly recommend a rental car.

Is it always hot and sunny in Red Rock?

Definitely not. Red Rock is in the Spring Mountain Range and most of the climbing is located between 4000’-6000’ above sea level (Vegas = 2000’). Temperatures can vary from well below freezing in winter to well above 100(f) degrees in summer. During winter months, it is not uncommon for Red Rock to be covered in a fresh blanket of snow (2”- 8”). Fortunately, most of the snow melts within a few days.

Will I need any special clothing or shoes for the Red Rock?

Typically, any comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and a pair of tennis shoes will be all you need. Weather conditions can vary wildly within a few days and your clothing selection should reflect the weather forecasted for your day of climbing. Multiple light layers are the best option and lightweight (low-top) hiking or tennis shoes are fine. Open-toed footwear (flip-flops, Tevas, etc) are not recommended.

If I book a class for my kids, can I go along and watch and take photos?

This depends on the location. Some of the spots are easily accessible, and would not require a long approach. In the event that it is a possibility, we would have you sign an additional release form. Please inquire with our office for more information specific to each location and climbing objective.

What are the benefits of booking a private trip as opposed to group trip?

Depending on conditions,  Jackson Hole Mountain Guides  will usually guide 3 clients with one guide.  If you have 3 friends that want to climb the Grand Teton,  Then you are in luck, you will have your own guide.  If you are a solo climber or a group of  two and you join a group trip, we will pair you with another climber or a group.  The good part about this, that you get to make new friends!  The possible downside is that if one of your new friends has to turn around, your summit attempt will be impacted.  That is where having a private guide can come in handy.  With a private guide, it is you and your guide, you are your own independent part party.  We do see increased success on privately guided tips.

Do you have a minimum age to climb the Grand Teton?

We get this question a lot.  The answer is no.  But our goal at JHMG is to give every climber a positive mountain experience.  In order to do so, we need to make sure we are setting our young one’s up to succeed.  The Grand Teton is a big mountain and we usually see folks over the age of 15 have the physical and mental fortitude to succeed in reaching the summit.  We would also recommend the 4-Day climb.  Anyone under the age of 18 needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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