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Red Rock Climbing Equipment List

The Mountain Guides can provide any personal climbing gear (helmet, harness, climbing shoes, belay devices, PAS, etc.) at no additional cost, though if you have your own, you are encouraged to bring it (especially climbing shoes). We will supply all ropes & protection (cams, quickdraws, slings, etc.).

Please contact our office for any gear questions.

Upper Layers
Bottom Layers
  • Sticky Rubber Approach Shoes (highly recommended as most approaches involve a lot of slick rock), running shoes or hiking shoes: Guide Pick: Scarpa Gecko
  • Technical Rock Climbing Shoes (available for rent)
  • Socks: 1 pair
  • Sun Hat – Baseball or full brimmed
  • Water – Water bottles or hydration bladder
    • (May-Sept) Minimum 3 Liters
    • (Nov-April) Minimum 2 Liters
  • Food: Energy Bars, fruit, sandwiches, trail mix. Bring Enough!
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen/ Lip balm
  • Bandana
  • Headlamp (for long routes)
  • Warm Weather – (May-Sept) The sun is intense and hydration is vital!.  Hydrate the night before your climb/ hike.  Consider freezing your water bottles or putting ice in them.  Light colored  and loose fitting clothes will help keep you cool.
  • Cold Weather – (Nov-April) Bring gloves and a warm hat that will fit under your helmet. Bring extra layers like long underwear and a heavier winter jacket to keep warm when the sun ducks behind clouds of dips below the canyon walls.

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