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Gannet Peak Equipment List


  • Train running shoes: For the beginning and end of the trip trail runners or a lightweight hiking shoe for more ankle support
  • Mountain Boots: All Gannett Peak Climbs, require a crampon-compatible mountain boot
    • Guide Pick: Scarpa Zodiac Tech  
    • Boots are also available for rent at the JHMG office. 
  • Socks: 2-4 pairs: Lightweight wool or synthetic socks 

Upper Layers

Bottom Layers


On the Trail

  • Alpine Climbing Pack: Internal frame only. 50  to 60 L for a 2 or 6-day trip. Large enough to fit all your personal gear plus ten pounds of food and water.
  • Sleeping Bag: Phantom Alpine 30 degree 
    • The Mountain Guides rents synthetic 30-degree Mountain Hardwear bags  
  • Sleeping Pad: Closed-cell foam or Thermarest
  • Water Bottles: (2-3 L/Qt.) or H2O hydration system
  • Water Treatment: Steripen or filter in bottle or drops
  • Stuff Sacks: zip lock bags for organization (optional)  
  • Dark Sunglasses
  • Extra Contact Lenses
  • Sun Hat or Visor
  • Sunscreen: 35+SPF
  • Lip Balm: with SPF
  • Headlamp: with fresh batteries
  • First Aid (minimal): blister care, ibuprofen
    • Guides will carry a large first-aid kit
  • Lunch, snacks & drink mix
    • Lunch on the first day can be more robust such as a deli sandwich (keep the trash to a minimum since you will be carrying it) 
    • Trail lunch consists of snacks throughout the day. Aim for a variety of items including sweet, salty, fat, and proteins. 
    • Examples: beef jerky, cheese and crackers, dried fruit, bars, candy, PB&J, etc. 
    • Find a balance between high-calorie foods and space/weight in your pack
    • Drink mixes with electrolytes
    • Make sure to save some of your favorite snacks for summit day

Recommended & Optional Items

  • Trekking Poles: highly recommended to help with uneven terrain
  • Camera 
  • Insoles: custom or aftermarket
  • Insect Repellent 
  • Headnet 
  • Camp Shoe: lightweight
  • Buff 

Cold Weather Considerations 

Early and late-season temperatures require warmer clothing. You may consider additional clothing if you get cold easily or if it is unusually cold or windy.

  • Buff or neck gaiter
  • Extra down vest or jacket
  • Expedition weight long underwear
  • Extra gloves

**The Mountain Guides supplies all rock climbing gear, harnesses, helmets, locking carabiners & belay/rappel devices, crampons, and ice axes. However, you are welcome to bring your own equipment. Please coordinate with our office for gear checks. Backpacks, rock shoes, and boots can all be rented & purchased in our Jackson office.

For your safety and comfort, bring synthetic and or natural fiber clothing for insulation. Cotton
is NOT recommended and down must be kept dry. Clothing should be able to layer without encumbering movement.


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