Teton Branch Manager 

The Teton Branch Manager will be responsible for all operations based from The Mountain Guides’ (TMG) largest and most recognized location in Jackson, Wyoming. From here, our main hub, we operate mountain trips in the Tetons and Wind River Ranges as well as rock climbing trips in in Wyoming and Idaho. The ski program in Wyoming is robust and growing. The Branch Manager is responsible for the management, growth and financial health of the branch including administration and customer relations. With the help of a Lead Guide and The Mountain Guides owners, the Branch Manager supervises the guide staff, maintains relationships with all relevant land management agencies and improves the inclusivity and culture of the Teton Branch. 

Expected experience: 

  • Three to five years of leadership experience 
  • Capable oral and written communication skills 
  • Conversant in basic office computing including Google Docs, Sheets and Slides and an awareness of CRM and reservation platforms 
  • Experience as guide and/or instructor 
  • Crisis management training and / or previous experience mitigating and managing crisis Experience with and / or training in justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) 

Bonus skills/ experience: 

  • AMGA Education and Certification 
  • Marketing and public relations experience 


The Teton Branch Manager will direct all programmatic and operational aspects of the Jackson Branch. Many of the job requirements are unique to the guiding, outdoor education and hospitality industries. The Mountain Guides will work with the Teton Branch 

A Successful Teton Branch Manager will: 

  • Market and operate trips, classes and experiences that delight participants Employ guides who are qualified, loyal and part of a team 
  • Achieve exemplary results in customer satisfaction 
  • Manage risk and planning effectively and transparently 
  • Build a culture of excellence, fun and inclusivity 
  • Work to build a positive reputation of The Mountain Guides within the Jackson community Create and support staff training surrounding justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. 

Executive Leadership 

  • The Teton Branch Manager is a key member of The Mountain Guides Leadership group
  • Hire and manage necessary staff 
  • Coordinate with Executive Guide to hire and manage summer and winter Lead Guides Coordinate with Executive Guide and Lead Guide to hire, supervise and schedule field staff Arrange continuing education and build community for branch staff and guides Work with Office Manager(s) to provide a exceptional customer service 
  • Provide logistical support for all trips in the Jackson portfolio including all and Idaho destinations Work with the President to develop a branch specific budget for the fiscal year 


  • The Teton Branch Manager reports to the President of The Mountain Guides All Teton Branch staff report to the Teton Branch Manager. 
  • Set clear roles and responsibilities for direct reports including: 

Office Manager(s): currently there are two 

Lead Guide 

Teton Food Coordinator 

Other hourly staff and interns 

  • Accounting and payroll services supporting all branches 
  • Track and measure efficiency 
  • Land Management Reporting 
  • The Teton Branch Manager is responsible for submitting all estimated and actual use forms, reports and required documentation for Forest Service Districts including Pinedale, Shoshone, Jackson, Wapiti District, Custer districts on a biannual basis. 
  • Responsible for managing Park Service permits in Grand Teton National Park and the City of Rocks National Reserve. 
  • The acquisition of and/or management of State and National permits as needed 

Risk Management 

  • The Teton Branch Manager will ensure proper risk management systems are in place for all programs 
  • Ensure that all field practices are documented and to industry standards 
  • Negotiates all necessary insurance coverage 
  • Accomplishes an annual risk management audit 
  • Ensures that all HR systems and training requirements are up to date. 
  • Provide annual employee reviews 
  • Work with Executive Guide and Lead Guide to perform all managerial/supervisory functions of hiring, onboarding, training, developing, evaluating and providing continuing education for all staff 

Business System Improvement 

  • Investigate and uncover opportunities to improve the TMG’s resource expenditures a
  • Oversee the equipment rental and retail sales programs. Specific areas of focus include: Ensuring reliable inventory controls and selling practices. 

Developing plans to build the retail sales program 

You will be expected to adhere to drug and alcohol policies and conduct yourself in a professional, ethical and courteous manner consistent with TMG’s reputation and brand. By Wyoming Law, this is an at will position and can be terminated by either party at any time. 


The Teton Branch Manager is a full time, exempt employee 

  • Annual salary: $60,000 
  • Health care stipend 
  • Eight weeks paid vacation 
  • 401 k match 
  • Pro deals as available for all staff 

Time and commitment demands follow a bit of a rhythm and the Teton Manager will need to manage time accordingly. The heart of the summer season runs from May through early October. While winter preparations must be managed, business activity decreases in the fall. Avalanche courses and ski guiding begin in early December and run through March. April and early May demand less of a time commitment with the understanding that summer preparations must be in place. 

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