Colorado Ice Climbing

Season Fall, Winter, Spring

Difficulty Beginner to Advanced

Duration 8-12+ hours


The Front Range of Colorado offers a thrilling array of ice climbing experiences catering to climbers of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts. Whether you’re a novice looking to try ice climbing for the first time or an experienced climber seeking challenging routes, the Front Range has something for everyone.

Beginner Ice Climbing: For those new to ice climbing, several guided trips and courses are available. These typically focus on introducing basic techniques, equipment usage, and safety measures. Popular locations for beginners include areas with easily accessible and moderately graded ice walls, providing a supportive environment for learning.

Intermediate Ice Climbing: Intermediate climbers can explore a variety of routes with increased difficulty. Guided trips often cover more complex ice formations, emphasizing skill refinement and expanding participants’ climbing capabilities. The Front Range boasts diverse terrains that cater to climbers looking to progress beyond the beginner stage.

Advanced Ice Climbing: For the seasoned climber seeking a challenge, the Front Range offers advanced ice climbing routes that push technical skills and endurance. These routes often feature steeper ice walls and more demanding conditions. Experienced guides lead these expeditions, ensuring safety while providing the thrill of conquering some of the region’s most formidable ice formations.

Equipment and Safety: Guided trips typically provide necessary equipment, including ice tools, crampons, and helmets. Safety is paramount, with guides emphasizing proper techniques and ensuring participants are equipped to handle the challenges of ice climbing.

Whether you’re a beginner seeking an introduction to this exhilarating sport or an advanced climber looking for a new challenge, the Front Range’s ice climbing offerings promise a memorable and rewarding adventure.

Season Fall, Winter, Spring

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Clear Creek Canyon, Golden CO

Hidden Falls, RMNP

Embarking on a single pitch ice climbing guided trip offers an ideal introduction or focused experience for climbers seeking a shorter yet exhilarating adventure. This type of guided trip typically involves ascending a single, well-defined ice pitch, allowing participants to concentrate on refining their ice climbing skills in a condensed timeframe.

Guides provide essential instruction on technique, equipment usage, and safety measures, making it an accessible option for both beginners and those with some climbing experience. The concentrated nature of a single pitch allows climbers to hone specific skills, such as efficient ice tool placement and movement on vertical ice.

These trips are often tailored to the participants’ skill levels, ensuring a challenging yet manageable ascent. The intimacy of a single pitch setting fosters a close-knit learning environment, with guides offering personalized feedback and support throughout the climb.

Whether you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of ice climbing or seeking a focused session to enhance your skills, a single pitch ice climbing guided trip provides a rewarding and efficient way to experience the thrill of vertical ice in the stunning landscapes of the Front Range of Colorado.

Multi-Pitch/Alpine Ice Level 1 

ex.) The Squid, Jaws, The Crypt, Black Lake, All Mixed Up, West Gully, Alexanders Chimney, Marthas

Multi Pitch/Alpine Ice Level 2 

ex.) Notch Couloir, East Face Longs

Embarking on a multi-pitch ice climbing guided trip provides climbers with a dynamic and comprehensive experience, allowing them to ascend a series of pitches with the guidance of seasoned professionals. Guides play a pivotal role in selecting routes that cater to varying skill levels, ensuring participants encounter a diverse range of ice formations. This type of guided trip is particularly beneficial for intermediate and advanced climbers, offering opportunities to refine technical skills, master rope management, and build confidence in tackling longer and more intricate ice routes.

An alpine ice climbing guided trip is a thrilling adventure that takes climbers into high-altitude, remote environments, blending the challenges of ice climbing with the demands of alpine terrain. Led by experienced guides, participants navigate a mix of ice, rock, and snow, honing their skills in a truly immersive setting. These guided trips are ideal for seasoned climbers seeking a unique and physically demanding experience. Guides provide crucial insights into alpine navigation, route finding, and safety protocols, ensuring participants are well-prepared for the diverse challenges presented by alpine ice climbing. The combination of technical climbing and alpine skills makes this type of guided trip a rewarding and unforgettable journey for those seeking a higher level of adventure.



Single Pitch Ice $545* 1 person, $345* 2 people, $285* 3+ people

RMNP Multi Pitch/Alpine Ice Level 1 $665* 1 person, $525* 2 people, $445

RMNP Multi Pitch/Alpine Ice Level 2 $845* 1 person, $595* 2 people

Overnight $110* 1 person, $85* 2 people, $70* 3 people*

Price per person, per day, per night.

Ask about our discounted “Speed Bivy” option for overnight trips. (Previous multi pitch climbing experience required)

Be prepared to be out moving around in cold temperatures. Wear clothing made out of synthetic materials or natural products made such as wool or down. Cotton products are not acceptable. Clothing should be able to layer without encumbering your movement. If choosing down it must be kept dry.




  • Gloves 3 pair: 1 light, 1 medium, 1 heavy pair Guide Pick: Cyclone Glove
  • Hat: medium  weight that will fit under a helmet
  • Buff/neck gaiter

FOOTWEAR (Can be rented in Cody from Sunlight Sports.  Please contact us to inquire about sizing)

  • Boots – Should be rigid/step-in compatible, well insulated and plastic or hybrid.  Boot should be specific for climbing ice
  • Gaiters – Tall
  • Crampons – Rigid with appropriate front points

TECHNICAL ICE CLIMBING EQUIPMENT – If climbing in Cody, you will be responsible for providing your own technical ice climbing equipment.  If you do not have an item/items on this list, please contact the office with enough time for us to arrange something for you.

  • 2 Technical Ice Hammers (No Adzes)
  • 2 Ice Hammer Leashes
  • Harness
  • Belay device
  • 2 locking caribiners
  • Helmet


  • Back Pack: 30 to 40 Liter ski pack, Guide Pick: Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 35 Outdry Pack
  • Water & Food: Thermos or insulated water bottles are best. Lot’s of snacks.
  • Sunglasses/ Sunglass Case
  • Ski Goggles
  • Extra Prescription Glasses/Contact Lens
  • Sunscreen/Lip balm
  • Headlamp-Extra batteries

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