JHMG Gear Review – Mountain Hardwear Ozonic 50 Pack

May 22, 2015 | Posted in: JHMG

Review by JHMG Guide Aimee Barnes

With summer knocking on the door it’s time to head to the mountains, walk in the fresh air, and spend the night under the summer sky.

Here are some thoughts on backpack fit and features.

First, you should look for fit. Next, a comfortable suspension system. Volume is important so you can carry what you need. Easy load and unload capabilities are essential with access to gear. All wrapped up in a durable lightweight waterproof fabric. Not possible, until now.

MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR OZONIC 50 PACKA 50 liter pack by Mountain Hardwear designed for multi-day trips is the full featured Ozonic 50. Completely seam-taped, waterproof, and lightweight it is the perfect pack for a trip to Buck Mountain, an overnight stay while climbing the middle Teton, or a trip to Corbet’s High Camp. With both a men’s and women’s version, the Ozonic 50 encompasses a customizable suspension system with 3” of torso adjustment and interchangeable shoulder adjustment. I am 5’ 6” and was able to easily adjust the men’s small medium to fit my back. I loaded it up with a 50 lb load and headed out. The pack carries balanced and comfortably on my back. The huge opening of the top loading pack makes it easy to pack everything you need for your trip. The Ozonic 50 has a floating reversible seam taped top lid. It is made to adjust to the volume in your pack. It can turn inside out to be completely water proof which means you can leave the rain protector for your pack at home. The volume of the pack can compress down and the lid can be removed. Another panel helps secure the back – making it easy to carry low volume loads without losing its waterproof capabilities. Ladies, I do recommend the “girly” version. The shoulder straps and waistband are narrower and more comfortable on women’s bodies than the men’s model.

The Ozonic 50 comes in at 3 lb. 13 oz. The Outdry technology bonds a durable lightweight waterproof membrane directly to the shell fabric for a completely sealed interface. Your pack stays light and dry without compromising weight or durability. MHW is also using Outdry in our favorite “Guide Pick” pack the Directissima Outdry 50. This pack is a tough Alpine favorite and is also a recommended pack for JHMG Trips. Thumbs up Mountain Hardwear for making such dependable lightweight waterproof packs!

Written By Senior Guide Aimee Barnes



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